Barbara has managed staffed and run numerous homes throughout the years from large estates, ocean homes to pied a tiers in the city enabling her to hone in on this experience to serve her clients needs

Managing a larger home is very different from managing a smaller one. If you have a grand estate, you'll need someone with experience working for your size of household. Estate managers with the correct background have already worked in luxury residence and managed staff.  We understand the type of assistance you need.

Here are reasons to prefer Barbara who has worked for large estates before when finding the right fit for yours:

  1. Familiarity with large estates and grounds: Large, sprawling estates come with many tasks that need accounting for. Facilities like swimming pools, boat docks, gardens, fountains, and grand entertainment we have over 20 years experience.  .

  2. A manager should take their responsibilities seriously, the manager's role to that of "a highly qualified CEO” which shows the high level of detail this person will bring to their position.

  3. Understanding of our client relationships: Some owners need managers for their temporary homes, or because they are constantly traveling. Barbara has years behind her in the role, of  a luxury homeowner's lifestyle.

With so much responsibility, typically we are given the responsibility of hiring and managing other staffers at an estate. As the employer of an estate manager, all you need to do is tell us what you need done and we will either take care of the job ourselves or find someone who can.


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